New Holland Roller Assembly

Part #: PX64D00009F1
New Holland Roller Assembly for Compact & Mini Excavators.

New Holland Roller Assembly

for Compact & Mini Excavators


Machine Compatibility

New Holland - E27, E27B, E30, E30B, E30SR, E35B, E35SR, EH35B
Case - CX20B, CX20BMR, CX22B, CX22BZTS, CX27B, CX31, CX31B, CX36B
Ditch Witch - MX27
Hitachi - EX20UR-1, EX20UR-2, EX22, EX25, EX25-1, EX25-2, EX27U, EX30, EX30-1
Hitachi - EX30UR-1, EX30UR-2, EX35, EX35-2, EX35U, EX35U-2, EX40UR-1, EX40UR-2
Hitachi - ZX27U, ZX27U-2, ZX27U-3, ZX35U, ZX35U-2, ZX35U-3, ZX35U-5
John Deere - 26G, 27C, 27CZTS, 27ZTS, 27D, 30G, 35C, 35CZTS, 35D, 35G, 35ZTS
Kobelco - SK27SR-3, SK27SR-5, SK30SR-2, SK30SR-3, SK30SR-5, SK35SR-2, SK35SR-3, SK35SR-5, SK35SR-6E
Komatsu - PC10-7, PC20-7, PC20R-8, PC25R-8, PC27MR-1, PC27MR-2, PC27MR-3, PC27R-8
Komatsu - PC28UU-1, PC28UU-2, PC28UU-3, PC30-7, PC30MR-2, PC30R-8
Komatsu - PC35MR-1, PC35MR-2, PC35MR-3, PC35MR-5, PC35R-8
Vermeer - CX224, CX229, CX234, CX254


Part# Cross Reference

New Holland # PX64D00009F1, PX64D101005P1, 72284075, 72281161, 72281160
Summit # BR326
Hitachi # 9106668
John Deere # 9237937, 4340535
Kobelco # TR4340535
Komatsu # MU3004, 21U-30-31300
Vermeer # 234-14800



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Excavator Roller Assembly